Welcome to Saint Michael Imports, one of the largest and most complete manufacturers, importers and distributors of religious, esoteric, mystical and new-age products in the USA. For more than 5 years we have been serving the Santeria, Yoruba, Lucumi, Palo, Ifa, Catholic, New-Age, Wiccan and Pagan communities.

We are manufacturers of some of the most recognizable brands in the industry such as “Miel de Amor “(“Honey of Love”) and “Corderito Manso” ("Meek Lamb”) among so many others.

We are direct importers from China, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Vietnam, Phillipines, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. We also manufacture a huge selection of products including cleansing baths, extracts, perfumes, oils, incenses, soup tureens, urns, saint statues and much, much more.

Our main location is at 4610 NW 73rd. Avenue,  Miami, FL. 33166. Our website and catalog showcases only some of the products from a wide spectrum. If you don’t see a product you are interested on, please let us know, we will gladly manufacture it or get it for you. Our motto of customer satisfaction as our first priority has helped us to ride over all the ups & down of business in the last so many years.